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Hockey Players And The Groupies Who Chase Them

When hockey players first start off in the NHL they’re pulled in many different directions since they’re making all this money and have no idea that the kind of friends they’re dealing with are people that are not the kind of people you want around. This goes into the kind of women who end up trapping a lot of hockey players and many of them are addressed as “Puck Bunnies” these are what you call hockey’s term for groupies. Many pro athletes are the prime target of these kinds of females who are more interested in them for the financial and sexual aspect. Many of the athletes who are married or dating are with women who started off as groupies. Most of them are young girls 18-25 and most of them are not really educated because women who are educated would not settle for the role of a side dish.

I trust that what you’ve read so far has been informative. The following section should go a long way toward clearing up any uncertainty that may remain.

These kinds of women will hang out near the locker room or try to get seats on the ground floor so they’re accessible to the players. Most of the time these women are just looking for something to brag about. Many of them discuss their sexual escapades with professional athletes as if it’s some kind of game to them. Some of those games include getting pregnant by the players and then attempting to latch on to them by demanding child support and maintenance because to them a couple grand or more a month is more than what most normal women who are not involved with someone famous gets for child support.

Classic example of a groupie of one woman who carried on an affair with Michael Jordan, but she tried to pin a child on him which later proved wasn’t his because she had 3 kids and all of them had different fathers who played in the NBA on different teams. Women will resort to this kind of behavior and then when the athlete is tired of them he casually disposes of them like a used Kleenex because most of these players only see them as a sexual conquest. This is why the leagues have gotten together to do in-service meetings with new and some players who have been there at least 2 years about how to conduct themselves since coaches see a lot of good players get burned by these women who are not even worth bothering themselves with.

The hard thing is that team management can only provide the players with tools to exercise caution and to know how to spot women that are like that and know how to avoid them, but you have those athletes who’s egos get them into trouble. When the coaches and team management tell these rookie players what the deal is they’re telling them how to avoid getting caught up with females who’s goal is to get a baby and some money since they don’t really care about the athletes in general they just want to say they’ve been with one it’s more about the status and bragging rights. Most athletes who have a close connection with trusted family and friends will more likely stay on the right track and keeps their head in the right place as well because many players get caught up and wonder later how they even got there in the first place. Many athletes have said publicly that they regret messing around with groupies because of the problems they bring when they’re dragged through the mud with court hearings and other legal things and most of the time the groupies find it entertaining to drag an athlete through a lot of drama and stress.

I hope that reading the above information was both enjoyable and educational for you. Your learning process should be ongoing–the more you understand about any subject, the more you will be able to share with others.

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Basic Equipment Required for Youth Soccer Training

Hosting a youth soccer training session can be a lot of fun. When hosting a soccer training session with children, you can expect to see them, their family members, and even a few of their friends comes to watch the training. This makes for a very exciting time for everyone. Coaches get the opportunity to personally develop each player individually, while others watch in amazement at the pure skill and agility of the child that they are supporting. However, it is essential to bring along some basic equipment that is required for youth soccer training.

The first thing that you should bring to your youth soccer training session is a soccer ball for each player. While you should allow it to be permissible for a child to bring their own soccer ball, it is important to understand that many children may not have their own soccer ball. There are many children who may simply forget their soccer ball. This is why it is essential to have a steady supply of balls available. Be sure to make a rule that if a child brings along their own soccer ball they should write their first and last name in permanent marker on it. This will ensure proper identification after the youth soccer training session is over.

The next thing that you should be sure to bring to a youth soccer training session is a large container of prepared ice water or prepared ice Gatorade. You can purchase a cooler that has a spout to make it easy to get the fluid from the container. Be sure to purchase a large amount of cups that the children can use. Normally, these cups will become misplaced and a child may use a new cup each time that they get something to drink. You may wish to explain to parents that a child should bring a bottle of ice water with them to soccer training. Be sure to stress the importance of placing their names on the bottles. Many children may even like to bring sports bottles.

If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences. Make sure you get the whole Soccer Training story from informed sources.

The third thing that you should bring to a youth soccer training session is enough shin guards for all of the players. It is important to have these items available to avoid the risk of injury in your players. Many children may forget their shin guards, or may not be able to purchase a pair for themselves. However, as a coach, it is essential that you take these things into consideration to ensure that all players are able to enjoy a safe practice session.

When coaching a youth soccer training session, it is very important to be certain that you bring a whistle. In many cases, this will be the only method that you can use to gain the attention of the children. This is especially true if the training area is relatively large. You do not have to invest a lot of money into the whistle for it to be effective, but it is necessary that it has a high enough quality to be heard. You may choose to bring a few extra whistles to ensure that you have a backup in case the first one becomes lost or damaged in any way.

The next item that you will need at a youth soccer training session is a way to separate the group into teams. This may be as simple as different colored vests, t-shirts of different colors, or even flagging devices. There are many drills and other activities that may require you to have at least two teams, so, having a method of identifying your teams are very important.

If you’ve picked some pointers about Soccer Training that you can put into action, then by all means, do so. You won’t really be able to gain any benefits from your new knowledge if you don’t use it.

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Let Your Autistic Child be a Kid

You should be able to find several indispensable facts about Autism in the following paragraphs. If there’s at least one fact you didn’t know before, imagine the difference it might make.

Many parents with Autistic children are afraid to let their child be a kid. They get so wrapped up in their child’s treatment they forget to let them have fun. They focus on keeping them safe, and become to protective. The child’s life becomes full of doctors, or therapy appointments. They get little time to just be a kid. While it is important to keep your child safe it is also important to give them time to do things they like. Here are some things you can do to make sure your child gets to be a kid.

1. Give your Autistic child a certain time each day to do whatever they want to. If they have a toy or game they like to play let them. Everyone needs a break from doctors appointments and such.

2. Arrange activities for your child that they like. This could be something like a trip to the park once a week, or a meal at their favorite restaurant. Let the child pick the activity. Maybe they would like some time to spend with grandma, or grandpa.

3. Let them run and play like the other kids. Kids like to run and play in the dirt. This will not hurt them. Let them be a kid and have fun. Keeping them sheltered will not help them. It will make them more afraid of being around other kids. If they show an interest let them play with the other children. Let the get dirty. They will come clean with a bath.

The more authentic information about Autism you know, the more likely people are to consider you a Autism expert. Read on for even more Autism facts that you can share.

4. Do not teach your child to be a victim. Just because they are Autistic does not mean they can not have a normal life. They need to be taught to not let their condition stop them in life. Teach your Autistic child they can do anything they set out to do.

5. Do not let your child’s diagnosis of Autism become an excuse. Give your child consequences if they do something wrong. Do not let them get away with things simply because they are Autistic. Children learn pretty quick that the excuse of their condition can get them special treatment. This will not help them later on in life.

6. Give your Autistic child chores. Make sure they are chores the child is capable of doing. This will give the child the pride of knowing they can accomplish something. Give them rewards for completing the chores. The chores could be as simple as making their bed, or picking up their toys.

7. Do not lower your expectations for your Autistic child. Teach them to always do their best. Having a medical condition should not give them a reason to not try. If they do not try they will never know their full potential.

Kids get hurt. They get dirty. That is all a part of being a kid. They will be much happier. Do your part and watch over them, but allow them to have some freedom. Even though your child has special needs allow them the chance to be a child.

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Coaching a Fun Soccer Training Session

Being a coach is an extremely important position in sports. There are many different styles and methods of coaching. While it is important to set a style and method that is comfortable for you, it is equally important to consider the comfort level of your team. This is imperative if you coach children. Children must be encouraged to win, but there are many more important aspects of the soccer game that should be considered with this particular age group. This includes working together as a team, and having fun while participating in sporting events. Here, you will learn how to coach a fun soccer training session.

The first thing that you can do to coach a fun soccer training session is to ensure that you make it fun. With children as your team, it is important to create games and activities that all the team members can participate in. Try to avoid engaging in drills and similar things that mean that the children must stand in line and wait their turn. This is a great time waster when it comes to the development of your players, and can make the soccer training session extremely boring for the children.

You can see that there’s practical value in learning more about Soccer Training. Can you think of ways to apply what’s been covered so far?

The second thing that you should do in order to coach a fun soccer training session is to be completely prepared. Come up with a list of exciting games and drills that the children can participate in. Make sure that these activities develop the overall skill and technique of each player. It is important for the soccer training session to be interactive and challenging for the child. If you are prepared, and know exactly what you want to focus on, the team is sure to have a wonderful time and learn many new things.

The third thing that you should do in order to ensure that you are making your soccer training fun and exciting for your players is to arrive before everyone else and set up the training area. This will allow you and your team to immediately start training once everyone has arrived. This avoids having to get the children to help set up activities and become bored before they even start. You may wish to encourage early arrival by explaining to members that the last two people to arrive will need to pick up the cones and the balls used during the training session. This makes prompt arrival a fun and challenging game, and will encourage those that arrive last to get there a little earlier next time. Furthermore, this will be a great help to you after an exhausting training session!

While many coaches may not consider “having fun” a key component of a soccer training session with children, it is important to understand that this IS the most important component. If you have a team full of happy players, their performance will be better. The team will be more successful as a whole if they are having fun and are not overwhelmed with negativity during soccer training sessions.

There’s a lot to understand about Soccer Training. We were able to provide you with some of the facts above, but there is still plenty more to write about in subsequent articles.

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Where To Find Directions

There are not too many people who would fee comfortable hopping in their car or getting on an airplane to set off for a trip without some sort of directions. Luckily, there are many different types of directions available and very easy to obtain.

The most basic directions can simply be gathered by asking someone how to get from one point to another. A person who is very familiar with a particular route could give basic directions that would be easy to follow, but not always completely reliable, if they can not remember specific details about the route, such as the exit number to take off of a freeway, or which way to turn at an intersection.

Other directions can be found online as a person searches for online maps and types in where he or she is traveling from and where he or she is traveling. The search will come up with very specific and detailed directions, including how long it will take to get from one point to the next along the journey as well as how long the entire trip is supposed to take. Of course, there are variables that must be accounted for. Roads may be closed which the directions could not forecast, it may take longer then expected due to traffic or problems along the way, so a person following these directions must be ready for variables.

If you base what you do on inaccurate information, you might be unpleasantly surprised by the consequences. Make sure you get the whole Travel Maps story from informed sources.

Other forms of directions come in maps. Generally speaking, maps are the best source for getting directions since they show most roads available to travel on, which gives the traveler a way to plan his or her own route, and account for unexpected problems along the way. If one road is closed for any reason, all the person would have to do is look at the map to find an alternate route.

Maps come in many varieties. There are online maps, which can also be printed up with directions, giving the person the best of both; easy to follow directions with the added benefit of having a map, which usually highlights the path the directions, will take the person. Along with traditional paper maps, there is also a fairly new form of maps called global positioning systems, or GPS, which are electronic maps connected to a satellite. These forms of maps are a good source of directions since they not only show a person how to get to where they are going, but also tells the person which direction they are headed, perfect for those that can easily get turned around.

Obviously, there are many different forms of directions to choose from, each having their advantages and disadvantages. Each traveler must decide which form of directions will be best for them to follow, keeping in mind that it is generally a good idea to have a couple of different options available while traveling and being familiar with them before the trip. This simple practice could save a person time and stress while traveling to unfamiliar locations, making the entire travel experience more enjoyable.

Those who only know one or two facts about Travel Maps can be confused by misleading information. The best way to help those who are misled is to gently correct them with the truths you’re learning here.

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What It Takes to be a CNC Operator

Being a CNC operator may seem a little too easy but take a look at the requirements from companies and you’ll think twice about the difficulty level of being a CNC operator.

Being a CNC operator takes a lot more than just being able to handle long hours of staring at the monitor or creating an input stack for the programs. What it means is that you have to have outstanding programming capabilities and at least basic machining knowledge.

Job Requirements

A CNC operator has to be knowledgeable about blueprint reading. This is because, basic design concepts and construction is hinged heavily on blueprints. Furthermore, the components that are being manufactured by companies that have CNC machines are based on blueprints of a whole structure. Therefore, if you do not know how to read blueprints, you won’t know what to program the machine to do.

Another thing that a CNC operator has to have is familiarization with machine operations. If the operator does not know which machine tools are for which job, or how fast the machine can work, or what the rate of feed is for the machine, or even the depth of the cut needed for the operation, then you wouldn’t be productive and the operation would be a failure.

The most obvious thing that an operator would have to know would be the general operating characteristics of the machine. He/she would have to know what the machine runs on?tape, network data input, or floppy. Furthermore, proper data input procedures have to be observed to lower the error ratio. A faulty data input procedure could cause the entire cycle to collapse therefore lowering the level of efficiency.

If you don’t have accurate details regarding CNC, then you might make a bad choice on the subject. Don’t let that happen: keep reading.

Working with CNC machines means that you will also be dealing with a lot of computer work. This means that you have to be familiar with basic computer operations. In addition to that, you will have to know how to interpret data in the program output stack.

The company’s requirements and the benefits.

some companies require a lot more than what is written above. Oftentimes, they require applicants to be familiar with the system that they use. Other times, they want the applicants to have no less than five years of experience working in a factory or at least working with a CNC machine. Also, some companies require applicants to undertake a specific training program to ensure the employers that the material they are getting is worth the money they will be shelling out.

However, the benefits that can be reaped is quite solid. Salaries and insurances are often negotiable. Working hours are also a snap! All you would have to do is initiate the cycle and then sit back and occasionally check for glitches. Furthermore, these companies often takes care of their operators as there is always a shortage of skilled enough people to take hold of the position.

So, what does it take to be a CNC operator? To synthesize the requirements, you have to be amazingly determined to pass the requirements of the company you are applying for. And then, you have to be able to quickly restructure the program in case of any glitch that the computer might encounter during the process.

The benefits are solid, but passing the requirements is like surviving the gauntlet. Think about this career.

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Short Term Wrinkle Solutions

Wrinkles happen as we age. If you can’t afford plastic surgery, there are short term wrinkle solutions you can use. The best part is that there are very few risks so you just have to consult with you dermatologist. Let’s talk about each one in alphabetical order.

First is Botox which has been around for over 10 years. This is a protein toxin produced by the clostridium botulinum bacteria that is injected in small amounts into the body helping the muscles relax and make the lines disappear. It is effective in treating crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, frown lines and laugh lines despite the fact that some studies show it causes new wrinkles to appear. It is good for 3 to 6 months and can be repeated.

Similar to Botox is collagen which has been used for over 25 years. It is used primarily as a tissue filler to soften lines around the mouth, to help augment lips, correct early degrees of muscle loss and erase acne scars. The injection is good for only 3 to 4 months. Before you can be injected with this protein, doctors will have to do some skin tests first to make sure you are not allergic.

There is a treatment called autologous fat transfer. Here, fat is removed from one part of the body and then it is used to fill the gaps caused by the wrinkles. Usually, fat is extracted from the buttocks, stomach or thighs. Since the patient’s fat is being used, there is no chance of allergic reactions taking place.

The best time to learn about Wrinkles is before you’re in the thick of things. Wise readers will keep reading to earn some valuable Wrinkles experience while it’s still free.

Another soft tissue filler is Restylane that is considered to be an injectable cosmetic treatment. This comes from hyaluronic acid which has proven to be very successful in Canada and Europe. Basically, this is a gel that is a basic component of the human skin. Unlike other procedures that fill in the gaps caused by wrinkles, this lets the skin cells ?float? making it very suitable for large folds of skin often seen in the mouth and cheeks. This is effective for about 6 to 9 months with low incidence of allergic reactions.

Then there is also Hylaform which is an alternative to collagen and those who want to use it do not have to undergo an allergy test. Just like the rest, this has to be injected into the skin at regular intervals in order to treat wrinkles.

The procedures mentioned are not covered by insurance and do not have any health benefits. The only thing it can do is hide away those wrinkles for a few months and when they start to appear again, you have to go back to your dermatologist for the next treatment.

Apart from the short term wrinkle solutions, there are also home made treatments which you can use to treat and prevent pimples. Most of these use simple things you can buy at the grocery and you may have to mix some of them. You should clean your face first so the pores will open and it can be absorbed by the skin, left to dry before it is rinsed.

So are short term wrinkle solutions the way to go? If you want to avoid the pain that is often endured with other costly treatments and the long recovery time, then the answer is yes.

Now you can be a confident expert on Wrinkles. OK, maybe not an expert. But you should have something to bring to the table next time you join a discussion on Wrinkles.

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One of Europe’s Top Fashion Marketing Schools: Polimoda Institute of Fashion Design and Marketing

What moves the great looking fashion apparels of the world from fashion designer showrooms to retail floors, and finally, consumer hands?

The answer is fashion marketing.

With the teachings of the fashion industry’s professionals, well-organized field trips, numerous projects, and labor-intensive internships, students of a fashion marketing course are sure to gain a comprehensive understanding of the fashion cycles, as well as the ins and outs of the clothing industry.

Students of a fashion marketing course are usually trained in a wide assortment of disciplines, such as fashion merchandising and coordination, business management, marketing techniques and advertising strategies, visual merchandising, and retail management.

Do you have a good fashion sense? Do you know what’s in style or not? Do you have the desire and drive to take the qualities you have a notch higher – as in use them in a rewarding and profitable career in fashion? A degree in Fashion Marketing will give you a chance to become any of the following: a fashion buyer, a fashion coordinator, a retail merchandiser, a visual merchandiser, a retail store manager, or a boutique owner.

Fashion marketing is a mixture of design, advertising, business administration, and a good understanding of the fashion world, as well as a sense of pop culture and what would be stylish in the days, months, or years to come. Fashion marketers connect designers and the people, all the while keeping themselves behind the scenes.

As you can see, numerous job prospects await those who will venture into the fashion world. You just have to make certain that you will be able to choose the right kind of fashion marketing school, as well as a program that would give you the right kind of training for a successful career in fashion.

So far, we’ve uncovered some interesting facts about Fashion School. You may decide that the following information is even more interesting.

Polimoda International Institute of Design and Marketing

With the continuous attraction of many to the fashion industry, there is an increasing demand for fashion design and marketing schools that offer a one of a kind professional education. One of these schools is the Polimoda International Institute of Design and Marketing.

Located in the heart of Florence, Italy, Polimoda is recognized by many professionals as one of the best fashion design and marketing schools in Europe. With its closely-knit ties and continuous collaboration with the fashion world, Polimoda maintains its ability to provide its students with specialized training that is up to date with what is happening in the contemporary international fashion.

A member of the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes, this Italian school of fashion offers comprehensive undergraduate classes, as well as graduate design master classes in the sales, production, merchandising, and marketing sectors of the fashion world, whether in Italian or English.

Established in 1986 through the proposal and financial support of the Florence and Prato city halls, a number of business organizations, and the Fashion Institute of Technology of the State University of New York, Polimoda is well-renowned for the professional courses in fashion marketing and merchandising that it offers to its students. The institution is also known for training students who wish to gain skills in fashion textiles and accessory and footwear markets.

Polimoda’s program for fashion marketing includes instruction and training in areas like: Contemporary Fashion and Fashion Business, Strategic-Operative and International Marketing, Psychology of Communication and Selling, Human Resources and Economic Management, Organizational Communication and Interpersonal Techniques, Retail Marketing, Merchandising and Visual Merchandising, Cool Hunting and Trends, Complete Planning of a Fashion Product, Software Programming, Information Technology, and Specialized English.

Not anyone can be admitted to Polimoda, however. Slots are limited and you can get in to this prestigious institution by means of a good exam result. Applicants, whether Italian or of another nationality, should complete and pass an application form complete with supporting materials. If you are interested, you may apply online or through mail.

Follow your dreams. Search for Polimoda in the World Wide Web now.

You can’t predict when knowing something extra about Fashion School will come in handy. If you learned anything new about Fashion School in this article, you should file the article where you can find it again.

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Green tea to Cure HIV

For thousands of years, green tea has been widely used by the Chinese not only for its taste but also because of its medicinal properties. Today green tea is a very popular drink among all ages the world over because of its proven efficacy on minor and even major health problems, and because of its proven medicinal properties, complimented by growing numbers of testimonies and therapeutic claims, scientists now see green tea to be a promising cure for HIV.

HIV is a major issue on health nowadays because lots of people have been diagnosed of having this deadly disease. And the search for the cure against HIV and including AIDS has proven to be very difficult.

Researchers from Purdue University had its study on the nature, property and health benefits of green tea. They have succeeded on identifying epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg) a compound found on green tea which inhibits the growth of cancer cells. University of Tokyo had made a separate study on green tea and the result of their research is that, EGCg binds with CD4 cells which action is to prevent HIV binding processes and later destroys the cell. The studies suggest that green tea have substances like EGCg that could help open new frontiers on the battle against HIV and even cancer.

It also proved that drinking 4 to 5 cups of green tea a day can help slow down the pathogenesis of HIV because of the potent content of EGCg. Scientists also revealed that the results could lead them to the development of an HIV cure. However they also revealed that the concentration of EGCg present on 4 to 5 cups of green tea is not enough to totally destroy cancer cells.

People often ask if other types of tea have the same benefits as green tea. The fact is green tea has more health benefits compared to other types of tea. Although all tea comes from a single source which is Camellia sinesis plant, all tea have their own characteristics when it comes to taste, color, smell, and even benefits. Green tea leaves are processed differently. Leaves are steamed then dried allowing the components not to be oxidized in the process. These makes green tea ten times more potent and effective remedy against illness compared to other tea.

Green tea is proven to be helpful on the following medical conditions:

? Rheumatoid arthritis

? Helps to lower cholesterol level of the body

? Helps maintains a normal blood pressure preventing hypertension

? Cardiovascular disease and stroke

? Helps fight against infection due to bacteria and viruses

If your Green Tea facts are out-of-date, how will that affect your actions and decisions? Make certain you don’t let important Green Tea information slip by you.

? Helps improve impaired immune response

? Destroys free radicals

? Helps maintain healthy fluid and electrolytes balance

? It helps prevent tooth decay by killing bacteria that causes dental plaque

? Helps relieve stress and fatigue

? Toxin prevention in the liver

? Stops thrombosis which is the leading cause of heart attack

? Green tea also has fat burning benefits

? It helps burn fat and makes the body feel more energetic

? Green tea is also used to calm the mind

Presently scientists are still making rigorous studies on green tea hoping to find some headway on how to determine the exact mechanism of EGCg binding with CD4, with positive results people can now stand a chance against a deadly disease through enjoying the relaxing, soothing and delicious taste of your favorite green tea.

Of course, it’s impossible to put everything about Green Tea into just one article. But you can’t deny that you’ve just added to your understanding about Green Tea, and that’s time well spent.

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Tips on earthquake emergency preparation

The more you understand about any subject, the more interesting it becomes. As you read this article you’ll find that the subject of Emergency Preparation is certainly no exception.

The year 1906 was a determining factor in how future resident of the San Francisco area would live their lives. Will they be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that anything can happen between the time they slept and the time they will be awake. But the question for most people is the possibility that they may never wake up again.

The same goes for the people in Mexico, Baguio in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan and other countries that have been victimized by strong earthquakes. Most of these people were caught unaware and this made the disaster more disastrous.

San Franciscans are aware that someday, their city will fall into the depths of the city. But why do they continue to live in a city, which though beautiful, is a catastrophe waiting to happen again?

Most of the people living in earthquake-prone areas prefer to live each day with the thought that they might never wake up again. However, what makes them different from majority of the people living safe lives in safe places is the fact that they are aware that a tragedy like an earthquake may strike them anytime and they are prepared for it.

These people party and live life to the fullest but they made sure they live in earthquake-safe buildings. Most of the high rise establishments were constructed with a strong earthquake in mind

Jason, a technology specialist lives in the Marina area which is the most earthquake-prone area in the city. While he accepts that he is taking a big risk living in that area, he takes no chances and always stores several gallons of water nearby.

It seems like new information is discovered about something every day. And the topic of Emergency Preparation is no exception. Keep reading to get more fresh news about Emergency Preparation.

He has also prepared earthquake packs and emergency kits containing first aid medicines as well as food packs that can be eaten right out of the packet. He also has extra flashlights, batteries and other thing-a-magics guaranteed to make any normal person flip out.

The most important thing to remember during an earthquake is to duck and keep off everything heavy that may fall on anyone. However, there are other earthquake emergency tips that will benefit any person who would be faced with an emergency earthquake situation at any time in his life.

When faced with an earthquake circumstance, it is always better to seek refuge from tables that can protect a person from heavy objects that are falling from everywhere. When this is however not practical, a person should immediately go out and proceed to an open area without the danger of falling trees, high rises or power cables.

Those who are caught driving when an earthquake occurs would be better off if they stay inside their car. When inside a grocery or a mall, make sure that the person is away from heavy shelves and other objects. When inside a theater or a sports stadium and an earthquake occurs, never run for safety and join the hundreds of people doing the same. Duck under the seat and wait until everything clears up.

A lot of people get hurt or even die not because of the earthquake itself but because of panic and failure to prepare for such an emergency. It is always helpful to have an emergency earthquake plan even if earthquakes are not common in the area.

Survival will always depend on how prepared a person is for emergencies. People who have not prepared for the worse case scenario are the ones who have the tendency to panic. And in most cases, those who panic and lose their presence of mind become the first victims of any emergency,

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